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Penang is the World's Best Food Destination, according to world renowned food writer, James Oseland. 

" Must -try" food in Penang: Char Kway Teow( flat rice noodles with shrimp, bean sprouts, egg and sweet Chinese sausage ), Hokkien mee ( egg noodles in a pork broth with prawns, egg, bean sprouts and water spinach), Asam Laksa ( thick noodles in a spicy fish broth with tangy asam, a sour tamarind paste ), Chee Cheong Fun ( steamed flat rice noodle rolls with a sweet dark-red sauce, black, prawn paste sauce, chilli sauce,oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds ), Char Koay Kak (  fried rick noodle with beansprouts,eggs, chilli paste, flavoured with garlic, soy sauce),  Koay teow th'ng ( koay teow, clear broth, duck, chicken or pork meat, chicken and or fish balls, lecttuce and chopped spring onions ), Mee goreng ( fried yellow noodles with a mixture of tomato ketchup, chilli paste, dark soy sauce and drips of lime are provided )
In the Penang Food Hunt. participants are divided into teams and participating through a range of team challenge activities, food hunts, cultural hunts as well. The scores add up to illustrate a winning team.  We can customised your requirements that cater for your groups from 10 to 50 pax. Penang Food Hunts are open to corporate companies , associations, non-governmental associations, alumni, education institutions, all of the public members and family members.
A.  Penang Food Hunts by Walks
( Morning Session )
Duration : 3 hours
Minimum : 20 pax

B.  Penang Food Hunts  by Cars
Duration : 5 hours
Minimum : 20 pax