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Virtual Events & Team Building

Benefits of Virtual Events & Team Building :
1. Combat loneliness
2. Improve Collaboration
3. Foster a “ global culture “
4. Improve Teamwork skills
5. Increase Motivation
6. Encourage Creativity
7. Boost Team Morale

There are many options for Virtual Events :

Option A : Virtual Team Building

Option B : Virtual Treasure Hunt

Option C : Virtual Families & Friends Hunts

Option D : Virtual Christmas Party

Option E : Virtual DIY Workshop
               such as Sketching

Duration of time : 2 hours or case by case basis
Minimum : 3 pax and above

Our Virtual Events Team Building can create fun and excitement and at the same time the company can help their employees to upgrade their skills.

Virtual Events & Team Building are not only open corporate companies , associations, non-governmental associations, alumni, education institutions .

We also open to public members, friends and relatives who can connect with each other , understand each other and improve their relationship
through virtual events and team building.

Virtual Workshops

Aster Team Solutions is a principle-centered company, built upon a solid foundation of integrity, teamwork and trust.    We deliver workshops that are tailored to develop people’s potentials and enhance their skills based on the need of your organizations . At a time when companies are challenged by increasing business complexity,
the corporate workshop programs offer a range of organizational benefits from leadership development to management skills training.
Asides, our trainers also offer a range of programmes for education institutions.  

Every workshop programme is crafted based on detailed discussion by both parties; the companies and with our trainers,
to ensure the training objectives are met
as well as to reach to every individual in the training.

There are many options of workshops as per below :-



    Soft Skills 
  A   Leadership
  B   Motivation
  C   Self Development 
  D   Entrepreneurship
  E   Stress Manangement  
  F   Time Management
  G   Delegation 
  H   Team Work
  I   Social Skills
  K   Problem Solving
  L   Customer Service
  H   Management Skills
  I   Communication Skills
  Legal Skills
  A   Employee Code of Conduct 
  B   Sale/ Purchase Contract
  C   NDA Negotiation
  D   Intellectual Property
  F   Anti Corruption Training
  G   Anti Competitive Law